Robert E. Lee

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Career Summary

Accomplished information technology professional currently focused on application and framework development for the Apple mobile and TV platforms. More than 35 applications released to the App store based on development work, plus a video SDK supporting a million+ users and millions of streaming video sessions (live/recorded) for two major cable companies, and dozens of enterprise apps to support development of the video SDK and the set-top cable boxes services.


  • iOS/iPadOS/ tvOS Software Development
  • HLS & DLNA Media Streaming
  • App Design
  • Systems Analysis
  • Database Design
  • IT Leadership and Consulting
  • IT Strategy & Architecture
  • New Technology Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Speaker & Advisor

iOS/iPadOS/tvOS Top Proficiencies

  • Objective C, Swift, C, C++
  • Xcode, Storyboard, SwiftUI
  • GIT, Jira
  • Debug and Release Management
  • Logging, Debugger, Tracers, Instrumentation
  • Video/Audio Frameworks
  • UI Frameworks
  • Database Frameworks
  • Networking Frameworks
  • Multithreading Frameworks

Rob is an avid traveler, seen here at Independence Pass on a grand tour of the Rocky Mountains, going from San Diego to Glacier NP, then traversing the Rockies down to Telluride before a drop into the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree to finish an unbelievable experience.

Crazed Kitty Software

  • Enhanced and developed a streaming video technology Software Development Kit for Arris and their customers Verizon and Frontier Communications. SDK facilitates a new set of video delivery services using DLNA within an HLS player. Responsible for the entire SDK lifecycle from design, source control, coding, and distribution to the final client. Developed a series of enterprise testing apps for the SDK used by server platform teams world-wide that acts as the gold standard for implementation of the SDK. Provided ongoing SDK support to client development teams and the Arris platform teams. Worked with Android teams to ensure both mobile platforms delivered consistent and high-quality performance. Arris 2013-19
  • Co-invented two patentable video technologies to convert DLNA video streams to HLS in encrypted and clear content environments with DTCP digital rights management for Arris and their customer Verizon. One patent has been granted. The second is patent-pending and near the end of its approval cycle. Arris 2015, 2016
  • Completed the GeoViewer Mobile iPad app, an enterprise geodatabase app integrating ESRI mapping technology with native iOS database, visualizations, and networking technologies focused on water management districts infrastructure maintenance. Created an offline ESRI mapping technology before the vendor did to allow this app to work without server access. Nobel Systems 2012
  • Developed an API for connecting HTML/JavaScript with native iOS controls, created a mobile development/support strategy to expand internal services, evaluated app architecture, functionality, and design, and trained a mobile app development leadership team. UnitedHealthcare Group 2012
  • Designed an iOS app architecture to produce a User Conference Apps specific to the event, more than 30 events per year. Integrated ESRI mapping technology, new REST interface for conference schedule and resources, and developed a calendaring database and interface. Trained the development team, defined requirements and deliverables from server and graphics resources, and framed an Android integration strategy. Launched the first four apps on-time and in just 70 days. ESRI 2011
  • iOS application complete performance and code review to identify performance issues and required code modifications to correct crash and battery impact for a social networking location app. Pearescope 2010
  • Created four applications previously distributed in the Apple AppStore with downloads into over 100 countries. 2009-2019
    • PintSize (paid) – A children’s clothing size predictor based on actual growth and medical growth prediction algorithms for 40+ clothing brands.
    • My favs Quick Connections for all your Contacts (paid) – Contacts grouping with phone, texting, email, and mapping features.
    • My favs lite Quick Connections for all your Contacts (free) – ad supported trial for the paid app.
    • eSMS Finder (free) – ad supported text to SMS email address utility.

Results from Technology!

  • Dental industry start-up product design, market definition, and long-term company strategy development, including patent possibility identification, and industry standards development for ePrescriptions and dental laboratory management. PACT Technologies 2009-10
  • Contributed to improvements to the cross-discipline engineering senior design project course curriculum. Vanderbilt University 2005
  • Developed multiple database solutions for dental education and dental care delivery functions at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.
  • Developed, upgraded, and supported a sporting event registration, fundraising, and event management database solution for the Irvine Children’s Fund annual Irvine Junior Games. 2000-10
  • Created a lien document management system for multiple construction industry clients, reducing credit staff workloads up to 50% and decreasing accounts receivable days outstanding up to 60%. 1993-2004.
  • Provided IT requirements and designs for business intelligence, research data, and document/image management for law firms, city governments, non-profits, small and large enterprises across industries, and universities.

Director of I.T.

Rob was brought in to lead Sequoia Supply in its spin-off from Wickes Lumber to bring HP 3000 systems to 46 distribution centers around the country. His efforts lead to integrated voice/data networks, and when a merger 2 years in brought more centers and different systems in, he created and executed a successful merge for the resulting PrimeSource company.


This small cosmetics manufacturer and direct marketing retailer needed leadership to use their software systems more effectively to measure marketing campaign success. Extending the data mining leadership he developed at HP, his efforts $1.5M in profit recovery on $6M in annual sales.


At HP Rob rose from an Associate Customer Engineer to one of the youngest District Managers in the company. His data mining efforts identified the cost savings and service improves across his district serving downtown LA to Santa Monica, as well as major defense and aerospace customers along the coast. That work earned him a promotion to Region Admin Manager responsible for 26 offices, 150 employees supporting a $250M plus segment of HP's business in the western region.


Master of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering 2007

Developed research medical imaging data archiving and post-processing systems for MRI breast cancer treatment diagnostics research.

Bachelor of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering 2005

Developed Raman spectroscopy imaging data archiving and post-processing systems for brain tumor resection imaging research.

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee


  • ZDNet (guest blogger) June 28, August 12, 2010
  • Implementation of a semi-automated post-processing system for parametric MRI mapping of human breast cancer (author). Leesburg, Virginia. Journal of Digital Imaging, April 30, 2008.
  • The ISDN Consultant (author). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Prentice Hall, 1996 - 1997.
  • Sunworld Online (contributing writer) San Francisco, California. Sunworld Online, 1996 – 1998
  • Interexpress, Interact (columnist, feature writer) Mt. View, California, 1995 – 1998


  • US 10136193 Granted Nov 20, 2018
    Supporting trickplay of streaming DLNA multimedia by HLS access device
  • US20170339437A1 Published Nov 23, 2017
    Method and apparatus for segmenting data