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Robert E. Lee

Information Technology Entrepreneur & Consultant

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Rob Lee has gained his experience and skill from a 33+ year involvement within the information technology arena beginning as a programmer, moving into senior level management, then within the consulting profession, and now as a software entrepreneur within the Apple iOS market space. Read on to ascertain the breadth of his experience and consider how that depth could benefit your needs for perspective and creative talent.

Rob entered into the IT industry in 1977 developing data mining applications within a physician  owned medical practices and laboratory facility. He moved onto Hewlett-Packard Company at the end of that year entering the vendor space as a customer engineer working on a wide variety of HP clients, from small businesses to the Fortune 100. Before Rob left HP he moved into management at the district and regional levels.

In 1985 Rob left HP to work for TOVA Corp, a cosmetics manufacturer and direct marketer, as the MIS and Customer Service Director. The following year he move to Sequoia Supply, a newly independent management owned LBO, to assume the MIS Director's position as they moved from a totally manual accounting and inventory practice in their 46 national distribution centers to a fully integrated network including voice and data. During his time at Sequoia Supply  the company went through a merger with the Grip Rite Companies, becoming PrimeSource Building Materials, giving Rob the chance to plan and execute the merger of multiple business systems from a number of subsidiaries while the original deployment continued.

In 1992 Rob began his own consulting practice, Results from Technology! The focus is the same as it is today, but on a small to mid-sized business and office productivity solutions. During that time he provided services to companies in the financial sector, real estate, services, manufacturing, software, construction, and more. He developed a proprietary lien management solution which provided a significant improvement in accounts receivables and bad debt for three California companies. 

During that time Rob also began a speaking and writing career. He spoke at a number of user group events for the HP International Users Group, as a keynote speaker for Pacific Bell and SBC, local community groups, and individual companies. He authored The ISDN Consultant, published through Prentice-Hall and Hewlett-Packard Professional Books, and he published articles in multiple technology magazines on a regular basis. He was also asked to participate in an invitation-only consultant liaison group with Pacific Bell and SBC over an 8 year period helping them gain insight in the small and medium sized business environment for both telecommunications and information technology needs.

In 2004 he left his practice to return to Vanderbilt University to complete a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. His emphasis was software development to manage and analyze research data and his senior project was the creation of a database system to manage optical imaging data gathered in real-time during brain tumor surgeries. This work, coupled with an interest in medical imaging, lead to his acceptance of an offer from the Vanderbilt Institute of Imaging Science to intern in the summer of 2005 to develop a MR imaging research data processing system for breast cancer research. During that summer project he was asked to enter the Vanderbilt Masters of Engineering program so he could continue development of the software. His master's degree was awarded in the summer of 2007, with publication of the master's thesis online in early 2008 and in print in August 2009 Journal of Digital Imaging Medical Imaging Informatics special focus edition.

In the spring of 2009 Rob co-founded Crazed Kitty Software to pursue opportunities created in the iOS mobile device market space. He has developed three applications currently published in the Apple App Store, and has explored a number of other aspects of the technology within his R&D operations. Rob assumed complete control of Crazed Kitty Software at the end of 2010.

Should you desire, a detailed resume is available. Please use the contact page to ask me for a copy.

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