Rob Lee

Robert E. Lee

Information Technology Entrepreneur & Consultant

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Innovation | Creativity | Control | Productivity
Freedom | Joy | Acceptance | Success

These may seem like an odd set of words to encounter as you seek assistance with an information technology objective; yet they are among the many that should describe your desired outcomes as you design, create, and implement an automated solution to a process you perform.

  • Architect:  (n) designer (someone who creates plans to be used in making something) (
  • Artist: (n) creative person (a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination) (
  • Pragmatic: (adj) practical (guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory) (

Again an unusual set of words to find on your search, yet these words also embody qualities you seek to make your work more successful.

Rob Lee possesses such qualities and philosophies

Whether your needs are simply to explore the completeness of your concepts, plans, development, or implementation, or to take a new product from concept to market, you should consider putting Rob's talent to work for you.

Explore this site to discover the path that has provided Rob the experience that he draws upon to help you in your most difficult challenges and then contact him to discuss how he can help you succeed.

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